Northwest Icemen Logo Concepts

As always, these are rough drafts. I'd like to find out what you like about them, what you don't, and so on. If one is really close, we can certainly work to develop it more towards a final state.


New Concept 1:

This concept leans into more recent design trends, with angular shapes. I also changed up the color palete for this one.

New Concept 2:

This one takes the mascot in profile, and gives it more of a force of nature type feel. Again, we wroked to keep the shapes more simple.

New Concept 3:

This one goes in a more detailed direction, but will still be able to be embroidered. If desired, text can be worked into the rings surrounding the mascot. Would probably put crossed hockey sticks, or region specific icons in the smaller circles.

New concept 4:
This is another logo that is more simple, but also leans heavily into a non-standard pallette for 'icemen'. I went with warm colors here to see how you felt about really standing things on their head. Think, land of the midnight sun. 

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