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The Process



Everything starts with a solid, professional quality logo. This is the icon that represents the team, and all the design choices on the jersey originate from here. We start with a question and answer to find out what sort of look and presence your organization is looking for. Whether you want whimsical or fierce, we’ll get you set up with a logo your team can be proud of.


We have a ton of options to chose from. Our hockey jerseys come in several different material weights to choose from. We can do full dye sublimated jerseys that allow for intense and cutting edge designs, or classic style fully embroidered jerseys, complete with logo patches and stitched on names. Or we can do a combination, with a sublimated foundation and an embroidered patches.

For our esports clients, we offer short sleeved, long sleeved, and hoodie options. A couple of our esports clients have opted to go with hockey jerseys instead. For the future, we’re looking at adding more jersey types to our repertoire.


Once a jersey layout has been finalized, it goes into production. Our manufacturer provides us with proofs before the production run begins. Production time depends on the size and complexity of the order, but on average production takes between 12 and 24 days. We work with a fair trade manufacturer in China that produces consistent, high quality work. We did test projects with several different manufacturers at home and abroad before we settled on a long term partner.


We have a couple of options for delivery. For the most affordable option, we have your team’s jerseys sent straight to a team representative. The team then handles sorting and distribution of the jerseys. For teams that are not all in the same city, we offer direct shipping as well.


In addition to our jerseys, we can create complete suites for your organization. This can include merchandise for your club to sell as fundraisers, practice jerseys for teams, family packs with additional apparel for Mom, Dad, and siblings. Almost everything we produce can be customized. Want to design a comprehensive player package, including jersey, shirts, hoodies, practice jerseys and more? We can help you do that. Let us know what your goals are, and we’ll work to help you get there.